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{ i measure the time & i stand amazed }

That warm and fuzzy feeling? It's internal bleeding.

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tell her i miss our little talks  Twenty-eight years old. University student again. Australian. Mildly angsty. Disorganized. Loyal. Animal lover. Internet addicted. MCU obsessed. Sailor Moon fangirl. Avatar: The Legend of Korra enthusiast. Always reading. Professional fangirl. Snarky. Living a Clint Barton appreciation life. Writer. Illustrator. Web designer.

whatever you do, don't eat the fuckin' candy  Writing. Laughing. Cats. Pandas. Copic markers. Luna-P, my iPad. Futurama. Bob's Burgers. Nerf. Mario Kart. Animation. Avatar the Last Airbender. Suki ♥ Sokka. Mai. Toph. Appa. The Legend of Korra. Korra ♥ Asami. Despicable Me. Big Hero 6. Frozen. Sailor Moon. Outer Senshi. Michiru ♥ Haruka. Diana. Galaxia. Setsuna. Antigoddess. MCU. Natasha. Jessica Jones is my hero. Peggy Carter is our lady & savior. Darcy. Lady Sif. Hawkeye & Hawkeye. The Winter Soldier. GotG. Jeremy Renner's arms. Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes. Janet Van Dyne is the Queen. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Alice ♥ Jasper. Too much shipping. Not enough credibility. Wildly fangirling. Cupcakes. Pinterest. Momiji Dolls. Sailor Moon wands. Marc by Marc Jacobs. Sims 2 & 3. DVDs. Sneaky Zebra videos. Singing Let It Go. Glitter nail polish. Pink lipstick. Sass. St Trinians. Books. Y.A. Antigoddess ♥. Professor Layton. Hilary Duff, always. And now, the Weather. Words. Rotoscoping. Stop-motion. Playlists. Supanova Sydney. Future cosplayer? Pillows. Fan fiction. Bunnies. The colour pink. Nerd. Tumblr, now.

yeah, i'm standing on the roof top shouting out loud
 Yes I think you heard me right
I am the Messiah
I was gonna wait till next year
Build up the suspense a little
Make it a really big surprise
But I could not resist
It's like when you got a really big secret
You're just bursting to tell someone
It was kinda like that with this
And now that I've told you
I feel this great weight lifted
Dr. Nusbaum was right
He's my therapist
He said get it out in the open

i needed more, or so i thought 

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